hello! my name is kelsey. i am 14, almost 15 and i have just started this blog. for a long time my friend had encouraged me to make one, as a way to express myself and say how i feel. my blod will mostly consist of my daily life, and my struggles. some of these struggles will be some stories that have affected me, things that happen in my life and stuff like that. i think my first official post will be about my past and just a little bit about me so you all will get to know me better. this post is mostly explaining what im doing and what i will blog about 🙂 in my blog’s i will try to avoid swearing and innapropriate topics, but i know i have a few innapropriate topics, so you may read them if you like, but if they bother or trigger you, i suggest not reading them. well thank you for reading! im very excited about starting this blog and i hope it helps me express myself, but also help other teenagers to possibly relate, or to the adults who would like to read about the struggles of a 14 year old and possibly learn about these things, so if ever happens to their children, or someone they care about, they can help. 🌻 once again, thank you again for reading!


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